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14+ Mobile UX and UI Trends for 2017

In the era of ‘mobile first’ approach, it’s important to track the trends happening in the mobile landscape in order to keep up with the fast changing mobile web and with some revolutionary changes like chat-oriented interfaces, AI, augmented reality, virtual reality etc. unfolding now and gaining momentum gradually, mobile UX and UI trends for 2017 sound interesting. Here we go….

1) Conversational UI


Given the popularity of messaging apps and also considering the buzz happening about conversational interfaces, we can safely predict that use of conversational interfaces in mobile apps and mobile websites will increase – AI powered chat bots and voice-based communication features will rule the roost in 2017 – there will probably a rise in standalone apps and also platforms with these features incorporated into them. Read on – 14+ Mobile UX and UI Trends for 2017



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