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A Comprehensive Guide to Conversational Interface (CI)

The terms (though not new) like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing have been widely discussed in the recent times like never before – thanks to tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook who have been widely publicizing the concepts of AI/machine learning and have also been launching, testing and improving their AI technology integrated products like Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Facebook M, Google Home, Alice etc.


Google’s overall search algorithm Hummingbird also has a component called ‘Rank Brain’ which is a machine learning artificial intelligence system.

The real shift in our communication with the computer systems has been happening recently in a major way – finally computer systems are learning to understand our language (so far we have been learning and communicating with computer systems in the languages they can understand).  MS-Dos is history and we are now witnessing the emergence of applications that do not have GUI (Graphical User Interface) – namely Virtual Assistants, Invisible Apps, and Chatbots etc.

Arrival of these applications is giving a new life to the very old concept ‘Conversational Interface’. The Term ‘Conversational Interface’ is much broader and apart from these devices and applications that can have human-like conversations, simple websites that allow us to have a conversation with them (e.g. may also be called conversational interfaces.

Understanding Conversational Interfaces and Types

Any UI (user interface) that chats with a human like a human does with another is called conversational Interface. It mimics human interaction and has natural, human-like conversations. Read more – A Comprehensive Guide to Conversational Interface (CI)


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