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Technousa Client/Employee Glassdoor Reviews

Review/Testimonial 1 – Director of Continuum247

“ A very dedicated and creative team full of star performers. Very enthusiastic and careful attention to detail. I have worked with them earlier on one more project and their zest for learning and implementing the best in terms of building robust software never ceases to impress me. They built a very clean vetting form for my SAAS based application which in turn allowed my clients to fulfil the vetting requirements related to a staff hiring. The detailed form had all the detail related to personal, residence history, education history, personal / employment references as well as many custom details that can be defined by the employer that is using the application. The vetting process could not have been so complete if they had not implemented such a robust SMS and email system for communication between staff, employer and even staff’s references. The vetting process that has been so manual is now totally online with the help of this application developed by this team. Read more…


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