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The Ultimate List – 31 Web & Mobile Design Trends and Predictions for 2017

As you know the Internet is a dynamic entity. Websites, apps and search engines, being the building blocks of this dynamic eco-system, also need to adapt to changes the internet undergo due to the changing user behavior caused by new technologies (read devices) and also due to the creativity, innovation and experiments initiated by the bright minds that are part of this vibrant Internet Eco-system. Trends are fueled by all these factors combined and thus trends drive progress in any industry and web design is such a field where trends are constant – an industry that combinedly creates the front-end of the internet.
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Google’s Upcoming Separate Mobile Index – Why having a Responsive Website is the Best Solution?

It’s a mobile world – ‘think mobile first’ is the approach advocated widely across the world by marketing/SEO as well as UX experts.  When Google, one of the major building blocks of the internet, has taken a mobile first approach, you can be pretty sure that, going forward, its ‘mobile way or highway’.

You must have heard about Google’s upcoming separate mobile index, which is being tested now, and will be rolled out anytime soon – for those who do not know, let us explain a bit.  Read more…

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